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We have come up with a system for us to better asses your home prior to your service. We use a grade scale method to help you decide the condition of your home and allow us to determine the amount of care that will be needed in your cleaning. Read the descriptions below to help you determine where your home stands!

What's Your Grade?: Image

Asses your home


You are someone who likes for things to be in their place! Often find yourself wiping down counters, scrubbing floors and putting things away in order to keep your home as tidy as possible. We know how exhausting that gets and we're here to help!


You enjoy a clean home, but after a long day, a sink of dishes isn't much of a worry. You have your once-a-week full house wipe down to keep things under control, but some help here and there would be nice!


Maybe you aren't the most organized or life is too hectic. Cleaning isn't really a priority for you right now with the time you have. Your home sometimes gets a little out of control but is manageable with a helping hand!


We get it, life is stressful! Work, family, kids, me-time, where could you possibly fit in time to clean! Your home hasn't been a priority for a while and you know it's time for some professional help. No worries we got your back!


As much as we want to help everyone in anyway we can, some jobs are more than just a cleaning. If the area is in any way a health hazard or too cluttered for our cleaning service to take place, we unfortunately are unable to give you the help that we wish we could!

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